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Assignments for Grade 8 SS

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Assignments for First Quarter  (most recent assignment at the top)

CONNECTIONS TO THE WORLD – due in SS Written Work Google Doc on Friday, August 24 by 9 PM. 

UN Quiz – Comprehension – Analysis – Synthesis Rubric – Copy and paste this rubric into your SS Written Work folder.  Then, put your analysis and synthesis question and answer ABOVE it.

Researching Your Country (MUN) – follow the link below.  Copy the chart, paste it in your SS Written Work Google Doc and complete by Wednesday, September 26 @ 9PM.

Constructing Your Policy Statement – due by Sunday, October 7 @ 9PM in SS Written Work.


Assignments for Second Quarter (most recent assignment at the top)

Revolutions Presentation – open the following link, and then click on “File” and then “Make A Copy.”  Then, rename this and share it with all your group members.

Revolutions as Simile or Metaphor Assignment – due Thursday, November 10 (B Block) and Friday, November 11 (D, F, H blocks)


Assignments for Third Quarter (most recent assignment at the top)

Student Led Conferences – SLC Reflection – Social Studies – due (printed) by 3rd block

Power PT Reflection and Notes – due in SS Written Work Google Doc by Friday at 9PM (D,F,H blocks) – Tuesday at 9PM (B Block)

Political Spectrum Survey – Please take the survey below by clicking on your Block

Block B click here

Block D click here

Block F click here

Block H click here

WAS THE PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION A SUCCESS OR FAILUREdirections for persuasive essay.  Due in SS Written Work Google Doc by 9PM – Sunday, February 10

Faking the Past due (printed) on Monday, February 4 in class

IMELDA MARCOSdue Monday, January 28 by 9 PM in SS Written Work Google Doc

Running for Political office – PT

Political Party ChecklistCopy this into your shared Google Doc




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