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SS8 – Week of February 25

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This week in social studies, students will begin work on their 3rd quarter performance task.  Last week, students learned about the political spectrum and took a survey that placed them somewhere on that spectrum.

From the results of these surveys, students have been grouped into political parties.  The project “Running for Political Office” will require student parties to develop and deliver a campaign to run for leadership of the Philippines.  Each student will play a role in their party, either as the party leader or one of the ministers.

Directions for this project will be distributed on Wednesday/Thursday and students will begin considering goals their party has for the Philippines.

Assignments for This Week

Read & Respond (1 entry) – due Friday by 9PM

Political Party tasks – each political party is given a checklist of duties that must be accomplished by certain dates.  Students should be aware of those dates.

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COW – Week of February 25

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Last week in COW, students began a project related to teaching their fellow classmates about an issue of focus from their CWW site.  This week, both blocks will be spent on continuing to plan that lesson, with delivery of these lessons to occur next week.

In addition to this, students should should continue to work towards their month-long goal of “Changing Our World.”  This is the second week of this individual project, and students should be expanding on their goals from the first week.

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COW – Week of February 4

February 3rd, 2013 Comments off

With the Classroom Without Walls coming up next week, this week in Changing Our World, students will complete their research into the issue which they will be facing at CWW next week.

So far in our research, students have been using print materials and online databases in an attempt to first gain credible knowledge about the issue.  This week, students will have to be more critical, as we add in websites.  Having the ability to distinguish between credible and non-credible websites is an important skill of focus in 8th grade, and students will have the ability to demonstrate their skills in this area this week.

Students should also be working on their paraphrasing skills as they compile their research notecards into NoodleTools.  I have checked notecards of each student already and provided some feedback.

Assignments for this Week

Issue Investigation – minimum of 15 COMPLETE notecards (direct quote and paraphrase) done by Friday @ 9PM in NoodleTools.

Issue Investigation – Two Research Questions (for CWW) in “Reseach Question” section of NoodleTools project.

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SS8 – Week of February 4

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By this time, students in social studies should have a thorough understanding of the events and people of the Philippine time period between 1965 – present.  This week, students will take the knowledge and comprehension of this time period and will contemplate the question, “Was the People Power Revolution of 1986 a successful event in Philippine history?”

Students will be writing a persuasive essay in which they will attempt to advocate for either the success or failure of this revolutionary movement.  Students will learn about the Persuasive Pyramid and the key components of Thesis – Reasons – Evidence.  They will spend most of the class time this week organizing and then writing these persuasive essays.

Assignments for this Week

NO Read and Respond for this week

Fakebook Assignment (due this Monday, February 4)

People Power Persuasive Essay – due by 9PM on Saturday, February 9 in SS Written Work AND

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