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Imelda Marcos Video

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COW – Week of January 28

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This week in Changing Our World, our focus will shift from examining human rights to looking at some current global issues.  After considering the current issue that each of them feel is most pressing, students will develop a plan for addressing this issue at a personal, local, and global level.

This week, students will also continue conducting research into the issue associated with their CWW site.  Students should be compiling their research in notecards using NoodleTools.

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SS8 – Week of January 28

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At this point in social studies, students have learned about all the important events and people that were part of the Marcos years, leading up to the 1986 People Power Revolution.

During the third block this week, students will have a quiz on the people/events of this time period and also a quiz on their Metro Manila maps that they have been making.

This week, students will begin a short project in which they create an imaginary Facebook or “Fakebook” page for one of the key figures involved in the time period we are studying – Ferdinand Marcos or Benigno Aquino, Jr.  This project will enable student to demonstrate what they have learned about these important Philippine historical figures in a manner that uses modern technology and imagination.

To conclude the week, students will be visited by former Philippine President, Fidel V. Ramos.  President Ramos will discuss his experiences with the People Power Revolution, and also his term as President of the Philippines.

Assignments for the Week

Imelda Marcos video questions due Monday evening by 9 PM in SS Written Work Google Doc

People Power Revolution / Metro Manila Map QUIZ during 3rd block this week

Metro Manila map due at start of 3rd block

Read & Respond (2 entries – one from Philippine Inquirer)

Fakebook Assignment – due (printed) in class by next Monday

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COW – Week of January 21

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This week in Changing Our World, we will continue our focus on Human Rights.  Students have chosen a human right that they would eliminate, and will this week be involved in an activity called Rights On Trial, in which they will have to attack and defend the various rights which have been proposed for elimination.  This will require high-level critical thinking and questioning skills.

During the last block of the week, students will begin researching for their Issue Report – a project in which they learn some of the details about the issue which their CWW site is involved with.

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SS8 – Week of January 21

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This week, we will continue our examination of the people and events that played a role in leading up to the People Power Revolution of 1986.

Last week, we heard a great deal from political opponents of Ferdinand Marcos, including an in-depth look at Ninoy Aquino and his role in the opposition movement.  This week, students will have the opportunity to hear from the other side, as they watch the film, “Imelda.”  This will provide students with further insight into events of this time period, while also introducing them to one of the most fascinating characters in Philippine history.

Also, this week, we will take our story up to the point of the 1986 uprising.  Important characters such as Fidel Ramos, Juan Ponce Enrile, and Cory Aquino will be encountered.

Assignments for this Week

Read & Respond – due by Friday @ 9PM – one Philippine article review

People Power Article – 13 Years After EDSA Revolution – due by second block of week

Imelda Questions – due on Monday, January 28

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COW – Week of January 14

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This week in COW, we will spend most of our time examining the concept of Human Rights.  Students should have re-acquainted themselves with the 30 Human Rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights before class on Tuesday.

This week, we will have several interactive activities based around knowledge of these human rights.  We will be considering their value and debating several of them.  Ultimately, students will be nominating a Human Right for elimination, and will have to present a case for why it is the weakest of the human rights.

Assignments for this Week

Weekly Goal for Changing Our World – Student Choice

Human Rights Choice – Develop one slide presentation and 2-minute argument for right to eliminate

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SS8 – Week of January 14

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This week in social studies will focus heavily on learning about the key events and characters of the Marcos presidency (1966 – 1986).  Last week, students read a brief introduction to this time period in Philippine history, and we will start filling in the gaps this week.

Most of our information will come from a Filipino documentary TV show called “Lakas Sambayanan” that was shown a few years ago.  Because this documentary is primarily in Tagalog with English subtitles, it provides a new challenge for students in terms of gaining information.  Unfortunately, it is the best documentary we have been able to find which goes in depth on the events of these years.  We will watch the video in class, but the links have also been added to the blog for students who are absent or those who need to re-watch some sections for points they missed.

Along with this video, students will begin creating timelines of this period in Filipino history using an internet-based tool called Dipity.  This website will allow students to map key events while including dates, descriptions, and images to go along with this.

Students will also begin reading some editorial articles this week that will give them evidence that the People Power Revolution of 1986 was both a success and a failure.  After four weeks of reading several articles, students will write a persuasive essay in which that the Revolution was either a success OR a failure.

Assignments for This Week

Read & Respond – 2 entries due by Friday @ 9PM.  One must come from Philippine Inquirer.

Article:  Ferdinand Marcos:  40 Years After Martial Law (interactive reading)

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People Power Videos – in order

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YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


COW – Week of January 7

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Welcome to the first week of Changing Our World – more commonly referred to as COW.

COW is a semester-long course designed to expose 8th graders to some of the global issues facing modern society.  It is designed to not only bring awareness to issues that were previously unknown to 8th graders, but also to spurn students into action to address some of these issues.  COW is not designed simply to talk about issues, but is instead geared towards taking the difficult steps needed to begin to make positive change.  Ultimately, COW should empower 8th graders to take actions towards improving the world.

During the semester, students will focus on eight global issues.  Each of these issues will be covered for approximately two weeks and each issue is linked to a particular site for our Classroom Without Walls week in February.  The eight issues of focus include child abuse, animal abuse, industrial agriculture, disintigration of indigenous culture, discrimination based on ability, marine ecosystem degradation, lack of access to quality education, and malnutrition.

We will begin this week with a bit of review of a topic covered at the end of 7th grade social studies – Human Rights.  Students will review the essentials of the human rights movement and also the 30 human rights.

There is one homework assignment for this week:

1.  Thursday evening – students need to watch the 30 PSAs on the Youth for Human Rights website (link is found in “Resources)

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