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SS8 – Week of November 19

November 16th, 2012

This week in social studies, we will continue our look at Middle Eastern transformations.  We will begin by defining the Middle East as a region and looking at defining characteristics such as ethnicity, language, religion, climate, resources, and form of government.

We will then go into an examination of the Arab Spring of 2011 that brought many changes to the Middle East, and continues to do so.  Students will be assigned one country – Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, or Yemen – that has gone through all four stages of revolution which we learned about previously.  Students will analyze these revolutions and try to determine what was occurring at each stage.  Ultimately, student groups will create a presentation and teach other members of the class about their particular revolution.

Assignments for this Week

2 Read & Respond entries (one on Middle East topic) due by Friday @ 9PM

Map Quiz and student-created Map of the Middle East on Monday, November 26

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