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COW – Week of October 1

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This week in COW, students will spend their first two class periods finishing and presenting their UNICEF Action Projects.  For this project, students are taking on the role of UNICEF employees and are designing ways to improve education in several fictional societies.  However, before they are allowed to go off and implement their plans, they must present their ideas for their year-long action plan to the UNICEF Lead Delegate for that country.  This will be happening during the second block this week.

Our final block this week will be the beginning of a long-term project that will run through December.  This is the Issue Report / Action Project which coincides with their assigned February CWW site.  Students will be working alone or in small groups to research their issue in depth and ultimately develop on action project that will benefit the cause with which their CWW site is affiliated.

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SS8 – Week of October 1

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This week in social studies will be dedicated to conducting research in order to prepare for our Model United Nations (MUN) conference that will be held in two weeks.  This week there will be no Read & Respond assignment, as there will be some time required at home for research and conference preparation.  However, we will still be played CEFL next Monday, so students should still look through news headlines and watch CNN Student News each day.

Student research this week will focus on trying to learn their assigned country’s stance related to their issue (Nuclear Weapons for A & B blocks and Indigenous Land Rights for D & E blocks).  As students will be acting as delegates for their assigned country, and part of their grade will be based on how accurately they represent their country, this is very important research.

By Sunday night, all students need to have their Policy Statement completed for their conference.

Assignments this Week

First paragraph of Policy Statement – due Wednesday night by 9PM in SS Written Work

Complete Policy Statement – due Sunday night by 9PM in SS Written Work


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COW – Week of September 17

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Due to the teacher inservice, COW class will only meet twice this week.  During our two meetings, we will be finishing our examination of education and the impacts of a lack of or reduced levels of education.  We will also be covering some aspects of our “discrimination against disability” as we focus on hardships often endured by disabled students.

For the past few weeks, students have been focusing on the concept of “risk factors” of different types.  These include family-level, community-level, institutional- level, and individual-level risk factors.  We have been applying these risk factors to a variety of topics and are working on developing an understanding of how these risk factors can impact people in a variety of ways.

Assignments for This Week

Future’s Assignment (assigned last Thursday) – due in COW Written Work Google Doc by Wednesday at 9PM.


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SS8 – Week of September 17

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We will begin our week in social studies by completing our mock MUN conference on the “Cafeteria Crisis.”  Students actively debated proposed solutions to this problem at the end of last week and will finish an abbreviated conference on Monday.

On Monday, students will also participate in their first CEFL game and will be able to demonstrate their current events knowledge.  This is a game we will play on most Mondays throughout the school year.

In order to begin preparation for their performance task – the MUN conference – on Monday, students will receive the background guide related to their topic.  A & B Blocks will be addressing the concern over the proliferation of nuclear weapons, while D & E Blocks will be conferencing over the continued abuse of indigenous lands worldwide.  The background guides, which will primarily be read in class, will provide the necessary background for these complex issues.

In the meantime, students should continue educating themselves about their assigned MUN country, especially in relation to the topic of their conference.

Homework Assignments for This Week

Read & Respond (2 entries) – due by Friday at 9PM in Read and Respond Google Doc

MUN Background Guide – interactive reading of Introduction


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COW – Week of September 10

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This week in COW we make a slight shift in our focus.  For the past couple weeks, we have been focusing on the Convention on the Rights of the Child and examining various forms of child abuse and risk factors for child trafficking.

This week we will begin to look at another Human Rights issue associated primarily with youth, and that is access to quality education.  The upcoming overnight CWW trip to Caliraya will offer students first-hand experience with a school and students who are not receiving the same quality of education as students at ISM.  Students will be exposed to some of the difficulties that are faced by teachers and students around the world.

As part of their study of global education, students will be examining case studies related particularly to the education (or lack thereof) of girls in different countries.  Working in groups, they will prepare a presentation to be given to other members of their table.

There is also an assignment called the Future’s Assignment that asks students to consider their own future plans in relation to education.

Assignments for this week

Future’s Assignment – due Wednesday, September 19 by 9 PM in COW Written Work Google Doc

Girls Education Case Studies – presented in class on Friday, September 14

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SS8 – Week of September 10

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At the end of last week, students received their Model United Nations (MUN) country assignments.  These are the countries that students will represent as delegates to our MUN conferences at the end of the quarter.  Students should begin making themselves aware of some of the basics of their country.

This week, students will be participating in a mock-conference related to a fictitious topic.  The conference will be held during the second and third blocks of the week.  Prior to participating in the conference, students will learn about Policy Statements and Operative Clauses – two important aspects of the conference.  All students have received and should be reading their MUN Delegate Handbook – a collection of descriptions and guidelines for everything MUN-related.

This week also marks the first week of Read & Respond.  This will be a weekly current events assignment and will be the basis for our weekly CEFL current events game.

Assignments for this week

Read & Respond (2 entries) – Due in Read & Respond Google Doc by Friday at 9 PM

Policy Statement for Cafeteria Crisis

Three Operative Clauses for Cafeteria Crisis


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