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SS8 – Week of September 3

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This will be a very important week in social studies.  Now that students have finished reading the first part of the UN packet and have done some activities associated with key concepts from the reading, it is time to have our first quiz.

The quiz will be taken in two parts.  The first part will be assigned Monday and will be done at home (due by Thursday night at 9PM).  For this part, students will write and answer their best analysis and best synthesis question from Part I of the UN reading packet.  Both the question AND answer will be scored.

The second part of the quiz will be on the third block of the week and will be more traditional in nature, where students will be proving what they know and understand about the United Nations.  This is the part where students will be expected to spend some time studying and re-reading their highlighting.

Two other key events will happen in class this week.  The first is that students will learn the topic and their country assignment for our MUN conference – the first quarter performance task that will take place in October.  Associated with their country assignment, students will be assigned their first Read & Respond assignment, which will be a weekly current events article review and reflection.  This assignment will occur most weeks for the remainder of the year and is the basis for the CEFL (current events) game that we will begin next Monday.

Assignments for this Week

Quiz Part I – Analysis and Synthesis questions and answers due Thursday at 9 PM in SS Written Work Google Doc.  Rubric from blog should be pasted there as well.

Read & Respond – due by Friday at 9 PM in Read & Respond Google Doc

Quiz Part II – taken in-class during third block of week (Th or F).  Students should study pages 1-7 in their UN reading packet to prepare for this.

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COW – Week of September 3

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This week in COW, we will finish our examination of the topic of Child Abuse.  The week will begin with Mr. St. Laurent, ISM Guidance Counselor, talking about the Stairway Foundation, an organization based in Puerto Galera that works with street children from Manila.  Stairway is one of our February CWW sites and is always highly popular amongst students.

During the second block, we will be watching a Nightline feature entitled, “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan.”  This documentary will highlight the little-known practice of Bacha Bazi and will show students that child abuse takes various forms and is not only something that girls experience.  Whenever a video is shown in COW, we always use an internet-based program called Today’s Meet, which allows students to communicate during the film.  They are required to contribute to the online discussions, and requires students to develop their interactive thinking skills.

We will end the week with a culminating activity for Child Abuse in which students read several case studies and create cartoons that illustrate the topics covered in the case studies.

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SS8 – Week of August 27

August 24th, 2012 Comments off

This week in social studies, we will begin with some in-class activities related to the reading that students had for homework.  This reading deals primarily with the formation of international systems of cooperation – specifically the League of Nations – and how the League did not ultimately succeed in its goals.

Students will then have a reading assignment related to the founding of the United Nations and the principles on which it is based.  We will be completing activities related to this reading in the second class of the week.

When students are reading at home, they should be engaged in “interactive reading,” which means they should be highlighting and annotating their text with comments and a variety of different types of questions which they learned about in class.

Assignments for this Week

United Nations: Challenges and Change reading packet – Read from p. 4-7 with interactive reading.

2 comments, 2 curiosity questions, 1 knowledge question, 1 comprehension question,  2 analysis questions, 2 synthesis questions.


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COW – Week of August 27

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This week in COW, we will continue with the topic of Child Abuse that was introduced at the end of last week.

This week, we will specifically look at the topic of human trafficking and how child trafficking has developed into a serious global issue.  Students will learn about “risk factors” for child trafficking, and will also complete a survey designed to demonstrate that some of their actions are furthering the problem of contemporary slavery without even being aware of it.

At the end of the week, Mr. St. Laurent, from the ISM guidance office, will come in and talk about one of the CWW sites – the Stairway Foundation – that deals with children who have been abused in various manners.  We will also watch animated videos produced by the Stairway Founddantion that deal with the difficult topics of incest, pedophilia, and child trafficking.

Assignments for this week

Due Tuesday – UNICEF cartoon analysis (assigned last Friday)

Thursday (due Friday) – Interactive reading of “Risk Factors and Vulnerability” handout

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EAP Blog – Ms. Peters

August 23rd, 2012 Comments off

Please click on this link to go to Ms. Peter’s blog.  Resources found here will be very helpful for ELL students, but will benefit ALL students as well.

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SS8 – Week of August 20

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This week in social studies, students will begin learning some of the history behind the establishment of international systems of governance and the perceived need for international cooperation.

Last week, we left off with an introduction to World War I, its causes, and the aftermath.  This week, we pick up with the chaotic state of Europe at this time, and Woodrow Wilson’s call for countries to unite to promote global peace.  Students will learn about the precursor to the United Nations – the League of Nations – and what its strengths and weaknesses were.

Students will be engaged in interactive reading regularly during the next few weeks as they read a packet titled The UN: Challenges and Change.  This will be their primary source for learning about the history and formation of the United Nations.  There will be some regular reading homework assignments that will have associated activities at school.

A key goal during the first few weeks of school is getting students familiar with interactive reading – which includes highlighting text as well as adding comments and questions into the text.

Assignments for this Week

Read p. 2 & 3 in UN: C&C – assigned during final block of this week.  Due by following block Including:  highlighting, comment, curiosity question, one of each of the Levels of Questioning


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COW – Week of August 20

August 17th, 2012 Comments off

This week in COW class, we will begin our first topic of study – Child Abuse.  We will begin by moving from our conversations on human rights into the topic of children’s rights.  Students will learn about the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the  Child and why advocates believed this was necessary.

Students will also be watching several cartoons designed to promote awareness of children’s rights and will analyze these ads to determine target audience, symbolism, and effectiveness of ad.

Assignment for the Week

UNICEF Cartoon Analysis – due in COW Google Doc by 9PM on Tuesday, August 28.


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SS8 – Week of August 13

August 10th, 2012 Comments off

Due to the rain-shortened week last week, this week in social studies, we will continue with many of the early quarter activities.

To begin, we will focus our attention on the Essential Questions for this quarter, both across the 8th grade curriculum and also social studies specific.  Students will take the social studies questions and demonstrate, in some manner, the role that they play in their lives.

The second and third lessons of the week will be dedicated to introducing and practicing a very important skill that will be used throughout this year – interactive reading.  Students will be introduced to the concepts of reading non-fiction text, and how it must be approached differently from fiction.  Highlighting and questioning skills will be covered and practiced.

Homework for this week:

Connections to the World assigned on Friday – due by Friday, August 24 in SS Written Work Google Doc

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COW – Week of August 13

August 10th, 2012 Comments off

This week in Changing Our World, students will continue to review their knowledge about Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was created by the United Nations.

To begin this week, students will be asked to “rank” the Human Rights in their order of importance.  They will ultimately be asked to select one right for “elimination” and will have to create a valid and compelling argument explaining why their chosen right is the least valuable of all of them.  This argument (with an accompanying visual aid) will be presented to the class on Tuesday.

Following the presentations, we will hold an event called “Rights on Trial,” which is similar to a courtroom trial, but one in which we put rights nominated for elimination “on trial.”  During this part of the class, students have the opportunity to play prosecuting attorney (argue against the right proposed for elimination) and defense attorney (defend the rationale for eliminating a particular right.)

Homework for the Week

Prepare presentation for Human Rights Choice assignment (presented on Thursday, August 16)

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COW – Week of August 6

August 2nd, 2012 Comments off

Welcome to the first week of Changing Our World – more commonly referred to as COW.

COW is a semester-long course designed to expose 8th graders to some of the global issues facing modern society.  It is designed to not only bring awareness to issues that were previously unknown to 8th graders, but also to spurn students into action to address some of these issues.  COW is not designed simply to talk about issues, but is instead geared towards taking the difficult steps needed to begin to make positive change.  Ultimately, COW should empower 8th graders to take actions towards improving the world.

During the semester, students will focus on eight global issues.  Each of these issues will be covered for approximately two weeks and each issue is linked to a particular site for our Classroom Without Walls week in February.  The eight issues of focus include child abuse, animal abuse, industrial agriculture, disintigration of indigenous culture, discrimination based on ability, marine ecosystem degradation, lack of access to quality education, and malnutrition.

We will begin this week with a bit of review of a topic covered at the end of 7th grade social studies – Human Rights.  Students will review the essentials of the human rights movement and also the 30 human rights.

There is one homework assignments for this week:

1.  Thursday evening – students need to watch the 30 PSAs on the Youth for Human Rights website (link is found in “Resources)

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