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COW – Week of May 14

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We will begin the week in COW class by having student groups finish presenting their issue reports and action projects to the class.  Four groups presented last Thursday, and our final four groups will present on Monday.

On Tuesday, we will shift our focus to the topic of animal abuse.  This is a highly sensitive topic and some of the material presented in the class is quite graphic in nature.  We will use our study of industrial agriculture as a point of transition into how animals are treated when used for human consumption / products.  We will later look at animal abuse in ways that do not involve food production.

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SS8 – Week of May 14

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This week in social studies marks a significant shift.  All research papers should now be complete and handed in to the English teacher.  Students have now also been assessed on the research portion of this project, and that grade is included in their social studies grades.

The final activity of the year in social studies is the Advocating for Change summit.  Students will be involved in one of ten summits on Tuesday, May 22 – the day of Advocating for Change.  These summits will focus on presenting and debating what students believe 8th graders at ISM should be able to do in order to bring about positive change related to their topic.  The clauses proposed and the debates that revolve around these clauses should be lively!

In order to prepare for these summits, we will be holding a mock summit this week.  This will serve to review the basics of parliamentary procedure that students learned earlier in the year and that will be used again in the AFC summits

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