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SS8 – Week of April 22

April 20th, 2012 Comments off

This week, students will continue to research for their Advocating for Change project.  Although books and magazines will still be available for research purposes in the library, our focus for research this week will turn to online resources.  This will include websites, but also online databases and encyclopedias to which the school has access.

Students will continue to use NoodleTools as the tool for collecting their information.

Students each have a schedule of due dates for this project, but a quick reminder that important due dates are coming up this week.  These include:

Friday, April 27th – Bibliography must include a minimum of three credible websites

Friday, April 27th – A total of 40 or more completed notecards must be in NoodleTools

Friday, April 27th – Notecards in NoodleTools must be in piles.

Friday, April 27th – Notecards must be moved into outline in NoodleTools in preparation for writing

Sunday, April 29th – Student must have chosen a thesis on which to focus the persuasive element of the research paper.



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COW – Week of April 22

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This week in COW, we will shift our focus to examine the lives of individuals who face discrimination due to disability.  Through a couple UNICEF-designed lessons, students will learn how people with disabilities have an especially difficult time when living in developing countries.

Through the use of video, readings, and a case study, by the end of the week, students should have a better understanding of issues faced by people with disabilities.

During the third block this week, students will be finishing their Action Projects.

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