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COW – Week of February 6

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This week in Changing Our World will be completely dedicated to the Issue Report.  Student groups are just beginning their research, and last week were introduced to the resources of World Book and EBSCO host.  They also learned about how to properly paraphrase information to be used in a research project.

Students will continue with their research this week, and we will include print materials (books and magazines) to our collection of resources.

Assignments due this week

Due Thursday – each student should have a minimum of 5 notecards completed in NoodleBib

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SS8 – Week of February 6

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This week, students will complete their study of the People Power Revolution by writing a persuasive essay that addresses their thoughts on the question, “Was the People Power Revolution a successful revolution?”  Students have been provided with a variety of evidence that could be used to support either side of this argument, and will now have to construct a persuasive argument using solid logic and evidence to try to prove their point.  Students will receive a packet in class detailing the directions for this essay, however, this packet is also on the blog under “Assignments.”

Also this week – on Monday – all 8th grade students  will have the opportunity to hear directly from one of the key figures in the People Power Revolution – former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos.  President Ramos will speak to the students on a variety of topics and will also take questions from several students.

Assignments for this Week

Read & Respond – 2 entries (due Thursday by 9PM)

Fakebook Page – Due start of second block of week.  (This assignment was started last week)


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