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COW – Week of January 30

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This week in COW class, we will begin our first topic of study – Child Abuse.  We will begin by moving from our conversations on human rights into the topic of children’s rights.  Students will learn about the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the  Child and why advocates believed this was necessary.

Students will also be watching several cartoons designed to promote awareness of children’s rights and will analyze these ads to determine target audience, symbolism, and effectiveness of ad.

Most of the week will be dedicated to students beginning to work on their Issue Report.  This is a group project in which students will focus on the topic related to their CWW site.  This week, students will begin framing questions that they would like to research related to their topic and also be introduced to some of the research tools that will be used.

Assignment for the Week

UNICEF Cartoon Analysis – due in COW Google Doc by 9PM on Wednesday.


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SS8 – Week of January 30

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This week, students will finish watching “Imelda,” the documentary about Imelda Marcos which was started last week.  They will have a homework assignment related to this video that will be due on Wednesday evening.

After completing “Imelda” early in the week, students will begin a short project in which they create an imaginary Facebook or “Fakebook” page for one of the key figures involved in the time period we are studying – Ferdinand Marcos or Benigno Aquino, Jr.  This project will enable student to demonstrate what they have learned about these important Philippine historical figures in a manner that uses modern technology and imagination.

Assignments for the Week

Read & Respond (2 entries)

Imelda Marcos video questions due Wednesday evening by 9 PM in SS Written Work Google Doc

People Power-related Articles (with highlighting / side note comment /  curiosity question) due at start of 3rd block of the week.

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SS8 – Week of January 23

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This week in social studies, students will continue to learn about the Philippine People Power Revolution of 1986.  Most of last week was spent learning about the time spanning martial law rule in the Philippine under Ferdinand Marcos and learning about important people and events of this time period.

This week, students will shift towards looking at the post-EDSA uprising transition.  They will examine how life in the Philippines improved after the 1986 Revolution and also how some things stayed the same, or even got worse.  This will be key for students when they write their persuasive essay in a couple weeks explaining why they believe the People Power Revolution was ultimately a success or failure.

Students will also watch the documentary film “Imelda” this week.  This documentary will introduce students to one of the key players of the time – Imelda Marcos.  They will learn about her thoughts on those times and learn about her vision for the Philippines.  There is an assignment that students will have to complete to go along with this video that will be due early next week.

Homework for the week

Read & Respond – due Thursday night by 9PM – one article from Philippine Inquirer

EDSA – a generation after – Article and questions due by first block next week

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COW – Week of January 16

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This week in Changing Our World, students will continue to review their knowledge about Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was created by the United Nations.

To begin this week, students will be asked to “rank” the Human Rights in their order of importance.  They will ultimately be asked to select one right for “elimination” and will have to create a valid and compelling argument explaining why their chosen right is the least valuable of all of them.  This argument (with an accompanying visual aid) will be presented to the class on Tuesday.

Following the presentations, we will hold an event called “Rights on Trial,” which is similar to a courtroom trial, but one in which we put rights nominated for elimination “on trial.”  During this part of the class, students have the opportunity to play prosecuting attorney (argue against the right proposed for elimination) and defense attorney (defend the rationale for eliminating a particular right.)

Homework for the Week

Prepare presentation for Human Right elimination (presented on Tuesday, January 17)

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SS8 – Week of January 16

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This week, we will take a closer look at the symptoms and rising fever stages of the Philippine People Power Revolution.  Students will encounter some of the key players of the time period from 1965 – 1986 including Ferdinand Marcos, Benigno Aquino, Jr., Cardinal Jaime Sin, among others.

We will be reading a brief overview of the People Power Revolution in class to provide students with a “big-picture” idea about what happened during this time period.  We will also watch a video entitled Lakas Sambayanan which will go into much more depth about the events leading to the Revolution itself.

The goal for students at this early stage of the quarter is to gather as much knowledge and information as the written and video resources are presented.  Ultimately, they will have to use their knowledge (along with specific supporting evidence) to determine the answer to the following question:  “Ulitmately, was the People Power Revolution a success?”

Assignments for the Week

Two Read & Respond entries (one from Philippine Inquirer article) due by Thursday at 9 PM

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SS8 – Week of January 9

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Welcome to the beginning of second semester.  During this final semester of middle school, 8th grade students will notice that the demands of all of their classes are raised.  The reason for this increase in educational intensity is to prepare students for the demands they will encounter upon entering high school in the fall.  The final semester in middle school is the beginning of this transition.

During third quarter, the theme covered in all core classes will be “POWER.”  In social studies, we will segue from our 2nd quarter unit on TRANSFORMATION, and specifically the various transformations taking place currently in the Middle East, and take a closer look at Philippine history and modern times.  In fact, the entire third quarter will be dedicated to Filipino issues – past and present.

The quarter will begin with a month long study of the Philippine People Power Revolution of 1986.  Students will learn the history and key players involved in this event.  They attend an assembly in February in which former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos speaks about the People Power Revolution, his role in it, and the state of the Philippines today.  Ultimately, students will have to decide if they believe the People Power Revolution was a success or failure, and will write an editorial piece outlining their arguments.

The second half of the quarter will transition into examining current Philippine issues.  Students will form political parties and will develop a campaign platform.  Various issues related to the Philippines will need to be addressed by each party including foreign relations, social issues and environmental issues.  All students will have a speaking role in this project and ultimately a new political party will be voted upon to lead the Philippines into the future.

Homework for the week

Two Read & Respond entries – one must be from Philippine Inquirer article.  (due Thurs. by 9 PM)

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COW – Week of January 9

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Welcome to the first full week of Changing Our World – more commonly referred to as COW.

COW is a semester-long course designed to expose 8th graders to some of the global issues facing modern society.  It is designed to not only bring awareness to issues that were previously unknown to 8th graders, but also to spurn students into action to address some of these issues.  COW is not designed simply to talk about issues, but is instead geared towards taking the difficult steps needed to begin to make positive change.  Ultimately, COW should empower 8th graders to take actions towards improving the world.

During the semester, students will focus on eight global issues.  Each of these issues will be covered for approximately two weeks and each issue is linked to a particular site for our Classroom Without Walls week in February.  The eight issues of focus include child abuse, animal abuse, industrial agriculture, disintigration of indigenous culture, discrimination based on ability, marine ecosystem degradation, lack of access to quality education, and malnutrition.

We will begin this week with a bit of review of a topic covered at the end of 7th grade social studies – Human Rights.  Students will review the essentials of the human rights movement and also the 30 human rights.

There is one homework assignments for this week:

1.  Tuesday evening – students need to watch the 30 PSAs on the Youth for Human Rights website (link is found in “Resources)


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