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COW – Week of December 5

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This week in Changing our World marks the final full week of the class.  Our final global issue – marine environment destruction – will be covered, and students will be introduced to some concerning issues related to the global marine environment.  Students will be exposed to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and will learn how plastic waste is wreaking havoc in the ocean.  We will also focus a bit on the Philippines and how the important marine systems here are being compromised.

Next week, students will present their Issue Report and Action Project to their classmates.  Most groups are well into their action projects and will spend Thursday in class creating the presentation that will be used to introduce their topic and what action they took.

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SS8 – Week of December 5

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As we near the end of the quarter, students will be spending this week working on completing their “Transformations” performance task.  Students have completed the research stage of this project and should be familiar with the transformations happening in their assigned countries.  This week is about putting together a project in which they will teach other students about these transformations.

Since this is the last full week of the quarter, Friday, December 9 will be the last day for any missing work to be submitted.

Assignments for the Week

No Read & Respond due this week

Projects due for Presentation on Monday/Tuesday next week, so some preparation for this may need to be done at home.

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