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SS8 – Week of October 17

October 15th, 2011 Comments off

This week marks the beginning of the second quarter, and our new unit focusing on the theme of “Transformations.”

Corresponding to our theme, this unit will be a regional study, focusing on issues related to the Middle East.  As this region has had and is continuing to undergo significant transformations in political, social, economic, and environmental realms, it is a natural fit for examination of this theme.

As with most regional studies, students will begin by creating a map of the region of study.  This map will comprise 20 countries chosen as representative of the Middle East region (including North Africa) and several land formations and bodies of water.  This map will serve as the primary resource from which to study for a map test that will occur after the October break.


Reflection on First Quarter and MUN Performance Task – due at start of second block of the week.

Read & Respond (2 entries) due on Thursday evening by 9PM.

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COW – Week of October 17

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This week in Changing Our World, students will continue their research for two key projects.  The first is our short-term project on Indigenous People in Peril, in which students will teach others about a particular indigenous group that is facing hardships in the modern world.

The second project is the major Issue & Action Project research.  Currently, students are researching their global issue, using NoodleBib to cite their research, and using the “notecards” of NoodleBib to collect information and practice paraphrasing skills.


15 NoodleBib notecards due for each student by November 3

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SS8 – Week of October 10

October 7th, 2011 Comments off

This week marks the conclusion of our first unit of study, and with it, the unit performance task.  During the past nine weeks, students have learned about international systems of governance – primarily focusing on the United Nations – and how this form of governance operates.

This week, students will get to demonstrate their understanding of this as they participate in a Model United Nations conference.  The conference provides students an opportunity to role-play a real delegate representing a real country on a real global issue of importance.  Our conferences will last the entire week in social studies in order to allow the student delegates to debate the various clauses (solutions) that they have developed relating to their issues.

We look forward to an exciting week of debates and hope that some effective clauses will be chosen for our resolutions!


Read & Respond (2 entries) – Due Thursday evening by 9PM

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