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COW – Week of February 28

February 25th, 2011 Comments off

This week in Changing Our World, we will switch our focus to the topic of education.  Specifically, we will be examining reasons why some people in the world do not receive the same access to quality education as is afforded to others.

Our introduction to this topic will consist of a simulation which places students in different categories according to socio-economic standing.  This will be followed by other activities designed to show why education is so important – especially to those living in poverty – and what can be done to try to provide more equal access than is currently available.

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SS8 – Week of February 28

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Due to our shortened week, we will have only one focus in class this week.  We have been examining the ways in which corporations have power in modern society, and students have been challenged to think about the ways in which corporations do behave and how they should behave.  The notion of Corporate Social Responsibility has been introduced.

Students will now apply their learning to a specific legal product and corporation that produces this product.  Students will investigate this product and its corporate manufactuer to determine of CSR is being practiced.

We will spend a couple days in the computer lab conducting our research, and the Corporate Power Analysis Report will be due in GoogleDocs by 9PM on Tuesday, March 8.

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SS8 – Week of February 21

February 11th, 2011 Comments off

This week in 8th grade, we will continue our look at the ways in which corporations exert power in modern societies.  We will be watching a documentary called “The Corporation,” which will provide students with a look at how corporations operate, what their goals are, and how they hold power in current society.

Towards the end of the week, students will receive the instructions for the writing project that will go along with this unit.  More details will be provided about this project later, but the basic goal will be for students to examine a corporation that is not exhibiting corporate social responsibility, and develop a plan for what this corporation could do to improve itself in this area.

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COW – Week of February 7

February 4th, 2011 Comments off

We will start this week in COW by finishing up with our topic of industrial agriculture.  Last week students watched the movie Food, Inc. which outlined the problems associated with agriculture on a large scale.  That movie was followed by the video Fresh which looked at alternatives to large-scale industrialized agriculture.

To bring this topic “home” to students, we will have a guest speaker on Tuesday.  His name is Abhra and he is the person who runs Yogi Chef here at school.  He will talk with the students about what Yogi Chef and ISM are doing to promote healthy eating and combat the problems associated with industrial agriculture.

Students will also complete their Action Project this week.  Students have been developing this action project during the past several weeks as a way to bring attention to both their global issue and the CWW site which they will be visiting next week.

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SS8 – Week of February 7

February 4th, 2011 Comments off

This week, we bring to a close our study of the People Power Revolution.  Student essays are due in their Google Doc by Tuesday, February 8 at 9PM.  These essays will not be evaluated until after the CWW week, so students should not expect to see these grades for a while.

Having examined a way in which people of a country use power to control their destiny, we are going to shift our focus to the ways in which organizations have power over the people.  Specifically, we will begin examining the fairly recent historical development of multinational corporations, the power they have over people, and the idea of corporate social responsibility.  We will be studying the nature of corporations, their goals, and looking at several case studies of corporations behaving both ethically and unethically.

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