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COW – Week of January 31

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This week in COW, we will turn our attention to our first global issue – industrial farming.  During this week, students will gain insight into the journey that food goes through as it makes its way to their table.  Students should also understand the problems that are associated with agriculture on a mass scale.

At the end of the week, we will continue with our Action Project.  At this point, students should have a clear idea of what they will be doing to bring attention to their global issue and CWW site.  The action plan must be carried out by February 11 (prior to our CWW trip).

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SS8 – Week of January 31

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Now that students have gained a substantial knowledge of the background and effects of teh People Power Revolution, it is time for them to decide whether they think this movement was ultimately beneficial or detrimental to the Philippine society.

Students will indicate their stance on this issue through their production of a written essay.  Students will first outline their arguments and then create a rough draft of their essay which will be edited by one of their peers.  The final essay will be due in their Google Doc by 9PM on Tuesday, February 8.

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COW – Week of January 24

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We will only have two class of Changing Our World this week.  We will lose our Tuesday class period due to the 8th graders meeting in their Classroom Without Walls groups on Tuesday during Block F.

This week in COW, students will begin with an examination of their own home country.  Using a variety of resources, students will learn about some of the problematic issues facing people in their home country.  There will be an assignment that we start in school called, How Can My Nation Become Better?  This assignment is due in Google Docs by 9PM on Thursday, January 27.

At the end of the week, students will continue working with their groups on the Action Project for their CWW site.  This project was started last Friday.

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SS8 – Week of January 24

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This week in social studies will be spent learning about significant players involved in the People Power Revolution.

We will begin the week by learning about Imelda Marcos.  Through a documentary on her life, students will learn about who she is, what role she played during the Marcos dictatorship and subsequent People Power Revolution, and how she fared after the fall of her husband.

At the end of the week, all 8th grade students will have the exciting opportunity to hear directly from one of those involved in the People Power Revolution.  Former Philippine President Fidel Ramos will be speaking to all 8th graders on Friday, January 28.  Students will have the opportunity to hear his thoughts and also ask questions on topics ranging from People Power to present-day issues in the Philippines.  It should be an exciting afternoon of being in the presence of a former head-of-state.

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COW – Week of January 17

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Hopefully at this point, everyone has a pretty good idea of what this class is about.  “It is what it says it is,” to paraphrase a famous NFL coach.  Our goal is to create awareness in students about global issues and determine what positive changes they can bring to a world in need.

This week, there will be two major objectives that we will focus on:

1.  The first is a self-reflective writing piece in which students will consider what would happen if we dropped country monikers and all just became “Earthians.”  How would we interact differently, behave, and what benefits and responsibilities would come with an Earthian citizenship.  This assignment will be assigned on Wednesday and will be due on Tuesday, January 25 in their class Google Doc.

2.  Students will work with their CWW groups on preparing an Action Plan that will raise awareness for their CWW site.  This is NOT about fundraising, but rather things that weill generate awareness about what the organization does.  Students will be provided a list of possibililites, but I encourage them to think of their own unique, group-developed Action Plan.  Students will have a couple Friday class periods to think about this, develop it, and  ultimately put it into action.

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SS8 – Week of January 17

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This week we will continue our study of the Philippine People Power Revolution.  The theme for this quarter is “Power” and we have been discussing what power really is, how people or even non-living entities get power, what really needs to be present for power to exist, and how power can be lost.

People Power gives us an opportunity to examine all of these points, while teaching students about an important Filipino and global movement.  The unit should also help them understand some of the things that they have heard about regarding Filipino history, but maybe never really understood.

The overall goal of this unit on People Power will be for students to determine if the People Power Movement should be considered a success or failure.  This week we read a brief article about the basics of what happened during People Power.  Students contributed to the discussion and were encouraged to ask questions about things they didn’t know.

This week, we will start off with one of the key aspects of the People Power Revolution – one of the “theme songs” – Handog mg Pilipino sa Mundo.  We will listen to this song several times in both Tagalog and with the English translation copied beside the Tagalog.  Students will be asked to determine the message of this song.  Having studied protest songs in English class, this should be familiar to them.

It wouldn’t be the Philippines if we didn’t end with a whole-class karaoke version of the song – placing ourselves in the shoes of the masses that were out on EDSA during this movement.

The second half of the week will be spend reading a much more involved article written by a Philippine reporter who makes cases for why People Power was a success, but also why it wasn’t.  This article will be key for students when it is there turn to determine if this revolution can be considered successful.

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