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COW – Week of December 6

December 3rd, 2010 Comments off

The remainder of the Changing Our World class will be dedicated to students completing their Action Project.  This is an opportunity for students to take action towards achieving the themes that have been presented in the COW class.  This Action Project is designed to be a small way to improve the conditions in the world, but the hope is that students will use this opportunity and experience to make larger changes and positive impacts over time.

Student groups will be presenting their Action Project to their fellow classmates on Friday, December 10.

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SS8 – Week of December 6

December 3rd, 2010 Comments off

We are heading into the final few days of the 1st semester, and in SS, we are working on two things concurrently.

The first of these is our study of Iran and the factors that led up to the Iranian Revolution.  By Monday, students will have finished the reading packet and will prepare for a role play related to Iran’s future.  Rather than a written test, students will demonstrate their learning about Iran through this role play as well through the completion of the Iran reading packet, which will be turned in on Friday for G block and Monday for A block.  In preparation for playing the role of Iranian citizens, students will complete a short, artistic assignment based on creating a protest sign.  This assignment can be found under the “Assignments” tab.

The second project that students are currently working on is the Quarter Two Performance Task.  Students have already chosen their topics and have spent a couple days researching and developing a plan to get this completed.  The performance task is due on the last day of school – December 15.  For students who will not be in school on this date, the project MUST be submitted before the winter break begins.

Just as a reminder, any missing work from semester one must be submitted by Friday, December 10.  After this date, all missing work will retain a score of “0.”

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