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COW – Week of September 27

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This week in COW, we will continue to look at the concept of discrimination.  We examined some forms of sexism last week, and will finish with this topic early in the week.  Students should also be prepared to submit their choices for their CCW research project.

Following this, we will take a look at discrimination based on ability.  In order to provide students an opportunity to understand disabilities and the problems they present to those with them, students will participate in a classroom simulation based on disabilities.

During the last class of the week, we will begin research based on our CCW choices.  This is a lengthy research project that will last the remainder of the semester and will help students further prepare for their CCW week in Februrary.

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SS7 – Week of September 27

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This week in SS7, we will begin with a cross-cultural simulation.  After having discussed culture traits last week, students will now be placed in one of two distinct culture groups and will role-play cross-cultural interactions.  There will be a homework assignment to reflect on this experience that will be due on Monday evening in their class GoogleDoc.  The questions for this assignment can be found under the “Assignments” tab on the 7th grade blog.

The remainder of the week will be dedicated to work on our last “identity” topic of the quarter which is understanding religious identity.  As religious traits are one of the seven categories of culture traits that students have learned about, it is important to understand how religion shapes the identities of people around the world.  In order to do this, students will work on creating a “religion cube” in which they will learn about various aspects of a particular religion.  The directions for this project can also be found under the “Assignments” tab.

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SS8 – Week of September 27

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This week, students will begin their final project of the quarter.  After spending this quarter learning about different types of political systems, students are going to form a political party and run for office here in the Philippines.  The guidelines for this project can be found under the “Assignments” page.

The political parties will consist of four party members:  a party leader and ministers of the environment, social issues, and economics.  The parties have been determined based on how students responded to a political spectrum quiz which was done last week.

The goal of our political parties will be the same as real political parties – to develop a platform, clearly explain party goals and ambitions, and convince the voters to elect them to office.  Each political party member will develop a speech to be presented to the voters outlining their stance on the various issues.

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COW – Week of September 20

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The COW class has had a sporadic meeting schedule due to holiday-shortened weeks and the FCD group that conducted two lessons during COW class periods last week.

This week we will only be meeting for one class period due to the 8th grade trip to Calirya.

During this class, we will continue our look at sexism (started last week) and specifically look at women’s issues in the region of Kurdistan.

Students should also be thinking of their top three choices for their Classroom Without Walls week that will occur in February.  The reason for this is that we will soon be starting our research project in COW, and the research project will involve students choosing one of the seven CWW organizations for their project.

SS7 – Week of September 20

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In our continuing look at the first quarter topic of Identity, the 7th grade social studies classes will move from looking at individual, personal identity into an examination of cultural identity.

To begin this topic, students will be introduced to seven key cultural traits that are found in most cultures worldwide.  Students will have the opportunity to think about how their culture views and practices these traits, and compare and contrast these practices with students who come from other parts of the world.

We will also be learning about cultural faux pas and the idea of assimilation into a cultural.  These classroom discussions will lead us into a cross-cultural simulation in which students will participate next week.

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SS8 – Week of September 20

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Due to the 8th grade trip to Calirya, we will only meet for one social studies class this week, however this class will be very important, as the first quarter final project will be introduced.

This project involves students creating their own political party (see assignment on the “Assignments” page under 8th grade).  This will be our concluding activity of the first quarter, as students have now learned about various types of governments and the strengths and weaknesses each type.

Before students move into developing their own political party, however, we will examine the political spectrum and determine what it means to be politically liberal, conservative, or moderate.  Students will take a brief quiz (not graded) that will determine where they personally fall on the political spectrum.  This should help guide them through the last two weeks of the quarter as they work on developing their political party and the main ideas of the party.

Stereotyping Discussion Subject

September 9th, 2010 110 comments

All 7th grade students need to respond to the following here on the blog.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing you learned about stereotyping in class, AND what is one question that you still have?

Answer the first question in QIA format, and then follow it with your question.  This is due on the blog by Wednesday evening at 9:00 PM (blog will be checked)

Then, you must reply to AT LEAST two different people’s comments or questions.  The reply must be in a complete sentence and must be more than just an agreement or disagreement with the statement.  The response must demonstrate that you have thought about the issue.  You will not be able to reply to any posts before Wednesday at 9 PM.  Your replies are due by 9 PM  on Friday evening.

We will learn how to post to the blog and respond during class this week.

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COW – Week of September 13

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COW class will only meet once this week – on Friday.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, the COW classes will be involved in a presentation dealing with health, wellness, and decision-making for teens.

Because of the nature of the topic, and its focus on wellness, it was decided that the presentations would be during the Wellness classes.  Since COW and Wellness classes are held at the same time, the decision was made to have ALL the 8th graders participate during their COW/Wellness class.

When we do resume class on Friday, we will continue our look at discrimination in the world by finishing our look at racism and delving into the topic of sexism.

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SS7 – Week of September 13

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This week, students will continue investigating the problems associated with stereotyping as a form of establishing identity.

We will take the concept of stereotyping and move it from theory into application.  In one exercise, students will have to think about what stereotypes they fit – based on age, ethnicity, gender, etc.  They will also consider what types of stereotypes they don’t fit into based on the same characteristics.

Later in the week, we will be reading and discussing an article related to recent immigration laws that were passed in the United States.  The concept of racial profiling (and racism in general) will be discussed.  This article can be found in the “Resources” section for students who are absent.  Students will have an assignment this week that they do directly on the blog.  There will be a question posted under the “Student Discussions” section that they have to respond to.  Directions for this will be found in this section and will be discussed in class.

Finally, we will begin looking at seven key elements of culture.  A PowerPoint relating to these cultural traits can be found in “Resources.”  We will discuss and act out several of these different elements in preparation for a Cultural Simulation that will occur next week.

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SS8 – Week of September 13

September 9th, 2010 Comments off

This week, we will be finishing our Dictator Interviews.  Groups will record their interviews on Tuesday (very important for ALL students to be present) and the interviews will be presented to the class on Thursday.

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