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Grade 8 SS – Week of August 30

August 27th, 2010

Now that students have had an introduction to the major forms of government found around the world, we will take a deeper look at some of these forms of government.

The first type that we will look at in-depth is dictatorship.  Unfortuntately, despite the effots of the UN and human rights activists, millions of people around the world are still subjected to this typically oppressive form of goverment.  Every year Parade Magazine publishes a list of the year’s 20 worst (currently ruling) dictators, along with a report on why that dictator is on the list.

We will be using this list (which can be found in the Class Resources blog link) for a couple of assignments.  Our first task will be to map the world’s top 20 dictators.  Being able to see this visually might give us an idea of particular world regions that are more or less affected by dictators.

The bigger assignment associated with our look at dictatorship will be related to a “Dictator Interview.”  For this, students will be randomly assigned one of the dictators from the list.  With a partner, students will research the dictator and develop a skit in which they “interview” that dictator.  We will be using an internet-based tool called VoiceThread in order to do this.  The link to VoiceThread can be found in the Class Resources page of this blog.

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