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Grade 7 SS – Week of August 30

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This week, we will continue to look at the concept of identity in social studies.

Last week produced some very lively discussions as students debated what types of identity characteristics could and could not be easily changed.  At the end of the week, students were introduced to the “My Story” assignment (can be found on the 7th grade class assignments page of this blog) in which they started thinking about their own identities and how they were formed and influenced.

Another very important part of last week was student sign up for GoogleDocs.  GoogleDocs is a way for students to share written work with me in a way that is sustainable and eco-friendly (no paper is used), timely, and in a manner that makes it easy for me to communicate with each individual student.  We will be using GoogleDocs (and other web-based applications) a great deal for the remainder of this year.

The “My Story” assignment will be due for students (in their SS Written Work GoogleDoc) on Monday, September 6.

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COW Class – Week of August 30

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We went a bit off schedule last week in the Changing Our World class due to the short week, having students sign up for GoogleDocs, and also having a review lesson on bibliographies, so although the “How Can My Nation Become Better?” assignment was introduced on Friday, we will be working on it this week in class.  Though students will have time in class to conduct research and likely complete some of their writing, there will be some homework time required in order to finish the assignment.

This assignment will be completed in students GoogleDocs in the COW Written Work document that they created.  A new document should not be created for this assignment.  The assignment will be due on Friday, September 3.

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Assignments for COW

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Human Right Elimination Assignment – due Thursday, January 17 (presented to class)

My Country’s Economy Versus Another – copy this into COW Written Work GD

The Geography of Poverty and Wealth – Copy this in to your COW Written Work, and read it with a partner using interactive reading (highlight, two comments, two research questions, one analysis and one synthesis question – the last two done with your partner.)

Map of World GDP Per Capita – look at this during the reading of the article

Bus Driver in Manila – copy this into your COW Written Work Google Doc.  We will spend time answering these questions tomorrow.

Digital Divide Readings

Reading #1

Reading #2

Reading #3

Reading #4

Digital Divide Note Sheet

Digital Divide Reflection


UNICEF Cartoons – due in COW Written Work Google Doc by Monday, May 13 @ 9PM

Girls education Case Study Presentations – presented in class on 

Future’s assignment – due in COW Written Work Google Doc by 



Issue Project Instructions

Spread the Knowledge

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Class Resources for COW

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Assignments for Grade 7 SS

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African Images Assignment – due in GoogleDocs by 9PM on Thursday, May 12

Oral History Questions – due in GoogleDocs by end of class Thursday

Interaction Performance Task – Scaffold – due in Google Docs by 9 PM on Thursday, April 7

PHILIPPINES interactions examples

interactive solutions PT

Interactive Solutions Assessment Rubric

International Trade Simulation Questions – Due in Google Docs by 9PM on Monday, March 14.

Silk Road Map & Guide Instructions

Connection Collaboration Evaluation SHEET (this is the sheet on which you will grade yourself and your group members)

Observations of Interactions in an urban environment – due in Google Docs by Wednesday, February 2 at 9PM

Interaction is Everywhere – Brief – Will be presented in class on Tuesday, January 25

Interaction is Everywhere – Scaffold

Interaction is Everywhere – Rubric

Made In Reflection Assignment – due in Google Docs by 9PM on Wednesday, January 19

2nd Quarter Performance Task – Hall of Fame Nomination – Due Monday, December 13

Performance Task Quarter 2 Nomination

PT Plan

innovations Performance Task Rubric

Innovation Practice Paragraph – complete chart AND final paragraph due in Google Doc by 9PM on Monday, December 6

Innovation practice paragraph COMPLETE

Innovations paragraph rubric

What next – SS – copy and paste this chart into your SS Written Work Google Doc.  This assignment is due on Friday evening – November 26 – at 9 PM.

Presentation Self Evaluation – due in SS Written Work Google Doc by 9 PM on Tuesday, November 23

Culture Shock Project

Culture Shock – PT

Culture Shock – Rubric

Developing a Plan – Plan & Rubric

Cube Instructions

Cube Rubric

Religion Cube Reserach Notes

NAZA Reflection Questions

Perception of People Grid

Brainstorming Organizer for My Story

My Story Assessment

My Story Planner

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Grade 8 SS – Week of August 30

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Now that students have had an introduction to the major forms of government found around the world, we will take a deeper look at some of these forms of government.

The first type that we will look at in-depth is dictatorship.  Unfortuntately, despite the effots of the UN and human rights activists, millions of people around the world are still subjected to this typically oppressive form of goverment.  Every year Parade Magazine publishes a list of the year’s 20 worst (currently ruling) dictators, along with a report on why that dictator is on the list.

We will be using this list (which can be found in the Class Resources blog link) for a couple of assignments.  Our first task will be to map the world’s top 20 dictators.  Being able to see this visually might give us an idea of particular world regions that are more or less affected by dictators.

The bigger assignment associated with our look at dictatorship will be related to a “Dictator Interview.”  For this, students will be randomly assigned one of the dictators from the list.  With a partner, students will research the dictator and develop a skit in which they “interview” that dictator.  We will be using an internet-based tool called VoiceThread in order to do this.  The link to VoiceThread can be found in the Class Resources page of this blog.

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Resources to Use for Grade 8 SS

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Read & Repond / CEFL Resources


UN News Centre –


International Herald Tribune –

al-Jazeera –

Philippine Inquirer –

Go Kicker –

CNN Student News –


Resources for 1st Quarter

The UN – Challenges and Change – Reading Packet

UN Quiz – Analysis-Synthesis Q&A rubric – Where students can find the MUN Background Statements


MUN Delegate Scoring Rubric

Building a Strong Policy Statement

Making a MUN Policy Statement

Nuclear Weapons Stance of Major Countries

State of the World’s Indigenous People –

Indigenous Rights Article –

Indigenous Rights (Africa) –

UN Voting Records (how has your country realy voted on UN resolutions related to your issue

UN CyberSchoolbus – great resource for country and issue information –

CIA World Factbook – excellent source of country information –

UN Members States – websites of all the members of the UN along with contact information –

Official Government Websites –


Resources for 2nd Quarter

Copy of The Anatomy of RevolutionsNEW – PowerPoint on stages of Revolutions from class

Middle East Mapping Games

Arab Spring

Wide Range of Resources for all Arab Spring Revolutions

Map and Timeline of Middle East Uprisings –

Arab Spring Timeline –

Revolutions Resources

American Revolution: (Causes of the American Revolution)

French Revolution: (French Revolution)

Russian Revolution:

Iranian Revolution:


Resources for 3rd Quarter

Metro Manila map game – thank you Ceci! –

Fakebook website (Used for Marcos / Aquino assignment) –

Timeline of US Presidential Terms (useful for Fakebook assignment) –

Government Corruption –

Economic Statistics –*Country.Philippines-

Lots of cool data! –

Guidelines for effective Persuasion – includes sample essay introduction

Political Party Resources

Political Spectrum – PowerPoint

Ministry of the Environment resources

Pollution –


Pollution –

Pollution –

Pollution –

Pollution –,,contentMDK:20266328~menuPK:3558267~pagePK:34004173~piPK:34003707~theSitePK:502886,00.html

Marine Conservation-

Marine Conservation –

Marine Conservation –

Deforestation –

Deforestation –

Deforestation –

Deforestation –

Ministry of Health resources

Philippine Department of Health – good information for ANY health issue

Health Care –

Health Care –

Infectious diseases / HIV –

Infectious diseases / HIV –

Infectious diseases –

Infectious diseases –

Infectious diseases –

Reproductive Health –

Reproductive Health –

Reproductive Health –

Access to Health Care –

Access to Health Care –

Access to Health Care –

Ministry of Social Issues resources

Variety of statistics from Worldbank –

Poverty (video) –

Poverty –

Poverty –,-not-a-large-population,-cause-poverty,-say-Filipino-bishops-7976.html

Corruption –

Corruption –

Corruption –

Homelessness/Slums/Squatters –

Homelessness/Slums/Squatters –

Homelessness/Slums/Squatters –

Homelessness/Slums/Squatters –

Homelessness/Slums/Squatters –


Ministry of Economics resources

Unemployment –

Unemployment –

Unemployment –

Unemployment –

Fuel & Electricity Costs –

Fuel & Electricity Costs –

Fuel & Electricity Costs –

Fuel & Electricity Costs –

Wealth Gap –

Wealth Gap –

Wealth Gap –

Party Leader resources (Natural Disaster planning)


Speech Format – SPEECH FORMAT

Sample Minister Speech – Sample Minister brief

Sample Party Leader Speech – Speech example

Political Brief Grading Rubric – Rubric – Political Party PT


Resources for 4th Quarter

CRAAP Activity

Research Outline – with sample questions

Research Outline – to copy into NoodleTools Outline

AFC Source Requirements

In-Text Citation Video

Research Rubric for AFC – copy this into your AFC Portfolio

World Bank Data Indicators


Steps to Finishing AFC Position Paper

AFC Position Paper Rubric

AFC Survey


Geography Resources


Year End Auction PowerPoint – Auction intro


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Assignments for Grade 8 SS

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Assignments for First Quarter  (most recent assignment at the top)

CONNECTIONS TO THE WORLD – due in SS Written Work Google Doc on Friday, August 24 by 9 PM. 

UN Quiz – Comprehension – Analysis – Synthesis Rubric – Copy and paste this rubric into your SS Written Work folder.  Then, put your analysis and synthesis question and answer ABOVE it.

Researching Your Country (MUN) – follow the link below.  Copy the chart, paste it in your SS Written Work Google Doc and complete by Wednesday, September 26 @ 9PM.

Constructing Your Policy Statement – due by Sunday, October 7 @ 9PM in SS Written Work.


Assignments for Second Quarter (most recent assignment at the top)

Revolutions Presentation – open the following link, and then click on “File” and then “Make A Copy.”  Then, rename this and share it with all your group members.

Revolutions as Simile or Metaphor Assignment – due Thursday, November 10 (B Block) and Friday, November 11 (D, F, H blocks)


Assignments for Third Quarter (most recent assignment at the top)

Student Led Conferences – SLC Reflection – Social Studies – due (printed) by 3rd block

Power PT Reflection and Notes – due in SS Written Work Google Doc by Friday at 9PM (D,F,H blocks) – Tuesday at 9PM (B Block)

Political Spectrum Survey – Please take the survey below by clicking on your Block

Block B click here

Block D click here

Block F click here

Block H click here

WAS THE PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION A SUCCESS OR FAILUREdirections for persuasive essay.  Due in SS Written Work Google Doc by 9PM – Sunday, February 10

Faking the Past due (printed) on Monday, February 4 in class

IMELDA MARCOSdue Monday, January 28 by 9 PM in SS Written Work Google Doc

Running for Political office – PT

Political Party ChecklistCopy this into your shared Google Doc




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Resources for 7th Grade SS

August 25th, 2010 Comments off

Please use the links below to access resources for 7th Grade SS class.

Resources to Assist with African EXPO Project  (not ALL African countries included)


INTERPRETING IMAGES – African Images for Assignment





Working With Historic Time

The MSMC Guide to Websites on WORLD RELIGIONS

Cultural Norms

Arizona Immigration Law article

Glossary of Landforms

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8th Grade SS – Week of August 23

August 20th, 2010 Comments off

This week’s 8th grade social studies classes will focus on learning about communism and fascism with the goal of students developing a better understanding of these forms of government.

We will also begin a project focused on Dictatorship in 2010.  Every year, Parade magazine creates a list of the world’s worst dictators who are currently ruling.  Students will be choosing one of these dictators and learning more about background of that particular dictator.

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