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September 6th, 2013

The blog for Mr. Hamlin’s classes has moved to the following address:


At this site, you will find everything related to Grade 8 Social Studies for both students and parents.

The weekly preview for social studies will still be posted on this page of the blog (see below) – and also on the new webpage, but please disregard the other links found on this blog site, as they are now outdated.

Week of September 9
This week in social studies, students will learn about some of the changes and challenges that faced Europeans in the early 1900s.  This will lead into our learning about the outbreak and consequences of World War I – which will set the stage for beginning to learn about the perceived need for international systems of governance (League of Nations / United Nations).
In learning about WWI, students will find out how WWI was different from any previous war in history, and how its outcomes led to many believing in the need for a global overseeing organization designed to prevent events like this from happening again.  Students will learn about the MAIN (acronym we will use) causes of WWI and will see how its resolution ultimately put the world on track for a second world war.
Assignments for this Week
Read & Respond – 2 entries due by Thursday at 8 PM.

Week of September 2

This week in social studies, we will continue building some of the foundations that will be used throughout the year in this class.  Students have learned about the interactive reading approach that we will take to reading non-fiction sources, and have specifically practiced their selective highlighting and summarizing skills.
This week, we will focus on the skill of including one’s own thoughts into the text, and also developing questions based on what has been read.  During the third block of the Week (second for G Block) students will take a quiz based on the interactive reading skills.  This will require them to study their notes, know the different parts of interactive reading, and be able to recognize and write the different types of questions they have learned about.  This quiz will be a good assessment to see who is truly ready to start getting into the content of social studies class, which will start next week.
Assignments for this Week
Article from UN News Centre – each student needs to bring a printed article of their choosing from the UN News Centre website.  This article should have selective highlighting completed before arriving in class.  Due Tuesday for G, A, & B Blocks.  Wednesday for D & F
Interactive Reading Quiz – Thursday for G, A, & B Blocks.  Friday for D & F Blocks
Week of August 26
This week in SS8, students will be introduced to the skill of Interactive Reading.  Interactive reading is an important skill that will be used regularly in both social studies and also in English this year.  There are several parts of interactive reading that will be introduced, and this week, we will start with the concepts of selective highlighting and side note comments and questions.
We will begin learning these skills using a fictional folk tale, but will quickly move into non-fiction, as the vast majority of reading in social studies will be non-fiction.
Assignments for this Week
Map of the World – due Tuesday (G, A, & B), and Wednesday (D&F)  This assignment was started in class last week and is due on the dates indicated above.  Due dates for assignments can also be found on the “Calendar” link located in the main page menu on the top left of this page.


Week of August 19

This week in social studies, we will start the year with the creation of a world map.  Since geography and a knowledge of the world will play a key role in success in social studies this year, we would like students to have a solid understanding of where places are located.  This map will be started in class and finished at home.  This map will be due at the start of the block after the assignment is given (see below).

At the end of the week, students will be introduced to the concept of interactive reading – beginning with the practice of text highlighting.  Interactive reading is an important skill that will be taught and practiced regularly throughout the year in social studies.
Assignments for this Week
Map of the World – due Thursday (A&B), and Friday (D, F, & G)


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